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Partnership Profile: Vemotion Interactive Ltd.

Vemotion are specialists in Wireless Video transmission, encoding and streaming live video over low bitrate networks such as wireless GSM/GPRS and radio networks. A privately-owned U.K. company, Vemotion Interactive Ltd was established in 2004 and has been developing low bandwidth video solutions ever since.

Using our highly efficient and flexible encoding and streaming products, our customers can take advantage of Wireless Video transmission, capturing live video over any network, including mobile networks GPRS and 3G, Wireless 802.n networks, microwave links, satellite and broadband. Multiple users can then view those video feeds, simultaneously, from remote and mobile locations on laptops, PDAs, smart-phones.

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  • On 23/10/2017
Jack Probka has joined the TITAN VISION team at Visual Management Systems Ltd. with the important role of Business Development.
With several years experience within the industry specialising in CCTV, Fire, Intruder, Access Control, Time & Attendance and Lone Worker, Jack attended  Glasgow Caledonian University gaining a Second Class Upper degree in Business with Marketing.
"Taking a consultative approach and engaging with customers is key to creating a tailored solution specific to individual needs. Thus my role is to make sure the security system provided meets the requirements of the customer".

Jack continues "I have a passion for creating and maintaining long lasting relationships whilst overcoming challenges and continually learning along the way".

Join the TITAN VISION team at UK Security EXPO...

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  • On 23/10/2017
UK Security EXPO is an annual international security exhibition promoted by UKTI and held at Olympia London. 
Join us to see the latest generation of the flagship TITAN VISION and TITAN SECURE PSIM solutions. We will also showcase our latest TITAN WALL Video Wall Processor and Management Suite. Plus examples of deep integration with partners 360 Vision, Matrox and Vemotion.  
Our Control Room simulation will provide visitors an opportunity to see the system in action and discuss the technical and commercial benefits of the TITAN portfolio. 

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Constantly trying to fit a Square Peg in a Round Hole?

TITAN VISION has the Answer!

TITAN VISION and its sister products TITAN SECURE and TITAN SIGMA can take care of the situation, integrating numerous disparate security systems under an unified management system.

Designed in the UK, the TITAN Portfolio has been developed utilising deep SDK integration techniques to allow multiple manufacturer products to be controlled and monitored within a single graphical user interface (GUI).

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TITAN LINK Partnership - DAS Control Room Furniture

DAS has earned a global reputation for the design and manufacture of furniture solutions for high technology and office environments. With our origins in the trading and command and control room sectors, DAS is now also a recognized supplier of workstations for general office environments.

We are driven by our customers' requirements and strive to help them respond to an ever-changing landscape of technology and working practices. An approach led by attentive listening enables DAS to provide innovative solutions tailored to specific requirements that fulfill and exceed expectations.
Take a look at the solution partnership opportunities with Visual Management Systems Ltd.Titan link tm

The importance of well designed Control Rooms... and how TITAN WALL Video Wall Systems will help!

Whether you are responsible for Security and Safety on a petrochemical site, nuclear power station, fire or police station or a port or airport, the control room lies at the heart of the operation
The control room operator performs a particularly demanding role monitoring increasingly complex automated systems, where the consequence of error is potentially devastating. Control room ergonomics are therefore optimised to minimise the risk of human error

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Are you gaining the advantages of an Open Platform Solution?

There is the old way of doing things and the new way.

Open platformThe old way to deploy a security or surveillance was with a closed system. It’s expensive, you’re locked in, and there is limited access to the system itself. The new way of doing things is open platform. It’s more affordable, easy to customise, and most importantly, you have open access to your system and security data.. Although security systems may seem similar, they can in fact vary greatly. Through a comparison of hardware, cost, access, and other key factors, it is shown that open platform solutions offer the total package: affordability, reliability, and ease of use, with more control and flexibility.

The question is... Are you getting the most out of your security system?

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TITAN LINK Partner Focus Sentry360

Thanks to a close technical relationship with leading USA CCTV design and manufacturing company Sentry360, Visual Management Systems Ltd., developers of the TITAN portfolio, have developed integration and control for the full range of Sentry360 cameras.
Providing full integration to Sentry360's industry leading range of cameras, end-users can maximize their surveillance camera imaging performance, in addition to Titan Vision's intuitive control.
Sentry360 is a leading developer and manufacturer of application driven multi-megapixel surveillance cameras and video management software for commercial and government markets. Take a look at the solution partnership opportunities Titan link tm

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New Face joins the TITAN VISION team


Marc Anderson, Apprentice Engineer

"I'm excited to work with the team at  Visual Management Systems Ltd. as I will have the opportunity to start my career in computing engineering learning and working at the same time. This also allows me to work with experts within the company learning a great deal and building my experience.







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Is your IP Video Management System Really Licence Free?

Or are you being tied in without realising it?


FREE does not always mean FREE! The offer of a free Video Management software package often has a hidden agenda! Inviting you in, only to require on-going licences or the purchase of expensive vendor specific devices, when you wish to expand the system or gain additional functionality, such as adding cameras or video streams

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TITAN SECURE in the News

Source Security News Desk Magazine.

Titan Secure pr tint

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TITAN VISION & 360 Vision enhance Cyber Security

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  • On 29/08/2017

360 Vision Technology & Visual Management Systems Ltd guard against cyber attacks

360visionSource Press Release from 360 Vision - As more and more security systems and devices become IP networked, it’s important for installers and end-users to consider how their systems will be protected against the possibility of cyber attacks. Providing a solution to the concerns around cyber security and hacking, UK CCTV design and manufacturing company, 360 Vision Technology, has partnered with software control provider Visual Management Systems Ltd to provide security operators with an effective solution to guard against IP surveillance system cyber attacks.

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Special Ports and Airports Feature

Shannon airport 

In this Ports and Airports special feature we demonstrate our committment to the safety and security of passengers and staff at major transportation hubs across the globe.

In the brief article we look at the challenge of upgrading the Shannon Airport Security and Surveillance system, look at how video wall technology can provide additional income and announce the recent membership of ACoE.

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Is your CCTV system protected against Cyber Attack?

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  • On 28/06/2017


The Cyber Attack that is spreading across the world may affect your security network. The Cyber Attack freezes computers on your network until you pay a $300 ransom to an anonymous BitCoin account.

Is there a possibility that one of your systems has put your clients’ network at risk and if so what will be the consequences?

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Meet the team at IFSEC

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  • On 16/06/2017

Developers of TITAN VISION, Visual Management Systems Limited Managing Director Jay Shields and Sales Director John Downie will be on-hand to discuss the latest developments within the TITAN Portfolio:

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Is playing the 'Blame Game' costing you time and money?

TITAN VISION is the Answer!

Call +44 141 643 3070

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Open Day and UK Launch Huge Success!

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  • On 17/05/2017

By any measurement, the Open Day Event at the Visual Management Systems Ltd. Head Office in Glasgow was a huge success.

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Following the successful International launch of the next generation of TITAN products at Intersec in Dubai, this was an ideal opportunity to introduce TITAN VIEW, TITAN VISION and TITAN SIGMA to an eager UK audience and have some fun whilst doing so.

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Intersec Success for TITAN VISION

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  • On 02/02/2017

TITAN VISION and the team from Visual Management Systems Limited declare Intersec 2017 Dubai a huge success as they launch TITAN SIGMA Detection, Vertification and Command and Control Solution, the latest release of TITAN VISION PSIM and the all new TITAN VIEW.

On the Booth: Kartik Rathore, Jay Shields, Anand Subbiah, John Downie

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