Announcing TITAN AI Stadia

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  • On 01/08/2019
Recognition and Identification for Football Grounds and Sports Venues - This unique Advanced Imaging solution utilises the latest Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network and Analytical Techniques to provide high speed, high accuracy facial detection, recognition and identification.

TITAN AI Stadia high performance solution

The TITAN AI Stadia solution has been specifically developed to provide high speed detection, recognition and identification of a subject-of-interest within sports stadia and entertainment venues, from live or recorded video, with extremely high levels of accuracy.
TITAN AI Stadia is individually tailored to the client’s specific requirements providing both a state-of-the-art and fit-for-purpose solution.
The TITAN AI Stadia high performance solution ensures that the subjects-of-interest can be effectively detected and identified, with the minimum of intrusion to other fans and officials.