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TITAN AI is a range of Advanced Imaging products based around the latest patented Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network and Analytical Techniques. (Launched at International Security EXPO take a look...)
Ai faceEach TITAN AI product is individually tailored to the client’s specific requirements and environments, providing both state-of-the-art and fit-for-purpose solutions. Utilising the unique TITAN AIM Advanced Imaging Technology, TITAN AI high performance systems offer both flexible and scalable solutions.
Following a Strategic Technical Alliance with Leicester University, Visual Management Systems Ltd. has introduced TITAN AI, a range of advanced computer vision solutions utilising patented* AI technology.
TITAN AI has been created by a team of artificial intelligence (ai) specialists to provide state-of-the-art advanced image processing technologies for use in a wide range of applications across several vertical market sectors.

Operating at the forefront of cutting-edge video, behavioural analytics and image processing technology, Visual Management Systems Ltd. has developed the TITAN AI software and hardware solutions for the growing security, health and safety and physical analysis market.

The unique Advanced Imaging Module (AIM) architecture, algorithms and machine learning capability, provide a combination of high speed and accuracy, offering a level of performance that eclipses any existing solution.

The flagship products provide tried and tested solutions for a range of vertical markets and applications:
  • TITAN AI Detect - Facial Detection, and Recognition solution - Learn More
  • TITAN AI Identify - Facial Recognition, Analysis and Identification solution - Learn More
  • TITAN AI Queue - Customer Queue Management Systems - Learn More
TITAN AI Applications
TITAN AI provides high speed image analysis developed specifically for applications such as:
  • Facial Detection, Recognition and Identification
  • Behavioural Analysis
  • Video and Forensic Analysis
  • Biometric Applications
  • Queue Management
  • People Counting
  • Footfall Analysis
  • Other Security and Surveillance Applications

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