TITAN AI Identify - Facial Recognition and Identification

TITAN AI Identify - Advanced Imaging for Facial Recognition and Identification

Titanai identify

Identify faceThe TITAN AI Identify solution has been specifically developed to provide high speed detection, recognition and identification of a subject-of-interest from live or recorded video with extremely high levels of accuracy.

TITAN AI Identify is individually tailored to the client’s specific requirements and environments, providing both a state-of-the-art and fit-for-purpose solution. The TITAN AI Identify high performance solution ensures that the subjects-of-interest can be effectively detected and identified quickly and with the minimum of intrusion.

This unique Advanced Imaging solution utilises the latest Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network and Analytical Techniques to provide high speed, high accuracy facial detection, recognition and identification.

The TITAN AI Identify solution, unlike other facial recognition systems, does not use the five or six points of reference methodology and associated algorithms widely used in existing systems.

TITAN AI Identify processes live real-time or recorded video, automatically interrogating the image information, detecting and extracting facial data and converting this into a unique code - more than a barcode - more like a DNA signature. This signature is then used for analysis and matching purposes, tagged and linked to retained video footage. In most cases the image information is then discarded, however, in high security applications the image may be retained.
The unique detection, extraction and matching algorithms and embedded Artificial Intelligence allows TITAN AI Identify to operate at substantially higher speed than a server-based or in-camera edge-based solution and the sophisticated signature analysis and matching topology provides unrivalled levels of accuracy at a significantly lower cost-of-ownership.
In most applications Titan AI Identify provides fast and accurate multi-subject video interrogation from standard High Definition video cameras, enabling the user to utilise existing surveillance and security infrastructure. The solution can also be applied to video streams from mobile and body-worn devices.
TITAN AI Identify is ideal for identifying individuals on “Watch Lists” etc. in real time whilst attending incidents.
TITAN AI Identify -Key Applications

TITAN AI Identify provides high speed image analysis developed specifically for applications such as:
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Law Enforcement
  • Ports & Airports
  • Retail and Hospitality
  • Transportation
  • Smart Cities

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TITAN AI IdentifyTITAN AI Identify