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As you will have seen we will be exhibiting at the forthcoming International Security Expo at Olympia London on 28th - 29th November.

On display at UK Security EXPO

We are delighted to announce the International Launch of  TITAN AI, a unique range of Advanced Imaging products focused on the latest Artificial Intelligence and Neural Network Technologies.

We will be introducing:

  • TITAN AI Detect - the Facial Detections and Recognition application,
  • TITAN AI Identify - Facial Recognistion and Identification application
  • TITAN AI Queue - Customer Centric Queue Management solustion for Retail environments.

For more information visit us on Stand K80 to discuss the opportunites that TITAN AI can offer and receive a demonstration.


Arrange a demonstration - Call: +44 (0) 141 643 3070

TITAN AI Facial Detection, Recognition, Anaylsis and Identification

Titanai detect 1

Effective detection of the subject-of-interest in second

Detect faces 

TITANAI Detect has been devised for sensitive applications where reliable, real-time video footage analysis is a pre-requisite, including:

  • Law Enforcement,
  • Ports & Airports,
  • Border Control
  • Smart Cities

Each TITANAI Detect is tailored to the client’s specific requirements providing a fit-for-purpose solutions.

The unique TITANAI Detect Facial Detection & Recognition Technology, ensures that the subjects-of-interest can be detected quickly and with the minimum of intrusion.

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Titanai identify 1

High Speed and Accurate Recognition, Analysis & Identification

Identify face 

TITANAI Identify has been developed for applications where accurate and reliable, real-time or forensic video footage analysis is essential, including:

  • Border Control
  • Law Enforcement
  • Ports & Airports
  • Smart Cities

Each TITANAI Identify system is tailored to the client’s specific requirements providing a fit-for-purpose solutions.

The TITANAI Identify Facial Recognition, Analysis and Identification Technology, integrates with high speed search and matching systems to provide reliable and accurate results.

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