TITAN LINK Partner Focus Sentry360

On 13/09/2017

Thanks to a close technical relationship with leading USA CCTV design and manufacturing company Sentry360, Visual Management Systems Ltd., developers of the TITAN portfolio, have developed integration and control for the full range of Sentry360 cameras.
Providing full integration to Sentry360's industry leading range of cameras, end-users can maximize their surveillance camera imaging performance, in addition to Titan Vision's intuitive control.
Sentry360 is a leading developer and manufacturer of application driven multi-megapixel surveillance cameras and video management software for commercial and government markets. Take a look at the solution partnership opportunities Titan link tm

About Sentry360:

Founded in 2004, Sentry360 has been through the struggles of IP video evolution in the security industry and the many challenges the early years presented in evangelizing a new concept. Continuing to lead through innovation, Sentry360 has introduced new 360° technology which represents a significant paradigm shift in the way CCTV systems are designed and installed.

Take a look at the solution partnership opportunities with Visual Management Systems Ltd.