TITAN Product Overview

TITAN: Ultimate Surveillance Solutions The fully integrated command and control platform For users of complex security and BMS environments with multiple integration needs...

TITAN VISION - Bespoke PSIM Solutions

TITAN VISION PSIM bespoke security & control solutions integrate CCTV, Access Control, Fire & Safety, Perimeter Intrusion, BMS, Command & Control & much more

TITAN SECURE Cyber Security Solution

TITAN SECURE offers a fully encrypted system that secures all digital communication between TITAN VISION devices and components, maintaining the integrity of your security surveillance systems

TITAN SIGMA - Total Situational Awareness

The TITAN SIGMA -The intelligent security management system providing an unique Detection, Verification and Command and Control solution.

TITAN REMOTE Mobile Video Solution

Delivering real time live and recorded video from remote or mobile locations Titan Remote makes it possible to transmit high quality real time video efficiently over unmanaged networks, allowing visual coverage from many more locations than fixed CCTV solutions.

TITAN VIEW IP Video Management

TITAN VIEW Video Management Solution Tailored for Small and Medium Systems Full function IP Video Management and Storage Suite

TITAN WALL Video Display Wall

TITAN WALL provides the operator full control over all connected sources with effective collaboration and distribution for control rooms as well as command and control.

TITAN LINK Partnership Scheme

TITAN LINK Partnership Scheme Technical and Commercial Collaboration creates loyalty and profitability Join the TITAN LINK Solution Partner Scheme


Our values: Teamwork, Experience, Customer Care, Professionalism and the Highest Quality The TITAN SUPPORT Team rallies around behind you, our partner. We care about the relationship. We want you to succeed in your operational and strategic goals.

ABACUS - People Counting Made Easy

ABACUS: PEOPLE COUNTING MADE EASY Allowing you to make decisions and improve performance. If you or your clients run a large organisation with visitor access, they need to know exactly how many visitors are accessing it…..when, where, and for how long.