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Critical Infrastructure Device (CID) The Ultimate Physical and Cyber Secure Solution for Mission Critical Environment​​s

Critical Infrastructure Device protects vulnerable and sensitive locations from the threat of Cyber Attack, defending your corporate networks against u​n​au​thorised andmalicious attacks.

The protection of critical and sensitive locations against both physical and logical attack is key in the fight against the threat of cyber terrorism. Visual Management Systems Ltd. has the solution, providing a unique robust device, developed for the most demanding environments.​​  

Open Standards 3rd Party Interface

Titan Vision CID is a range of hardened hardware products designed from the ground up to combat the ever-changing and sophisticated world of cyber ​intrusion by using multiple layers of security to defend your assets against the most persistent of attackers while utilising its bespoke operating system that does not require any updates or security patches.

Working in conjunction with Titan SecureHub, secure connections are established from authorised Titan CID devices, monitoring the status of connected CID devices informing you of any alerts.

Titan SecureHub processes client requests for live and recorded video from any connectedCID device. Video is sent to clients using ONVIF Profile S for live and ONVIF Profile G for recorded footage. In addition, the SecureHub monitors incoming message from any of the connected CID devices.

Each Titan CID has a sophisticated cause and effect engine that will execute a pre-programmed set of actions and scenarios or command from the central monitor station.

Any intruder alarm system using the industry standard SIA protocol can seamlessly interface with the Titan CID unit. Events from the SIA protocol can be sent and responded via the central monitor station. Commands can be sent from the central monitoring station to the CID unit.

TITAN CID is part of the expanding award-winning Titan Secure Integrated Management System. Designed to protect you and your system from malicious attacks, either internal or external.

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