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A unique concept in Physical Security Information Management and beyond...

Veracity Solutions Limited is a specialist provider of complete, bespoke PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) and integrated physical CCTV systems.

Our flagship solution is built around the VIEWSCAPE Core software application and assures the following capabilities:

Connectivity and IntegrationTitan vision 400

VIEWSCAPE Core PSIM integrates multiple disparate security systems including all aspects of physical security; video surveillance, access control, perimeter intrusion detection, fire and safety, public address and building management. VIEWSCAPE Core PSIM is an open software system that connects with products from other vendors.   

Configuration Management 

Our Physical Security Information Management software, VIEWSCAPE Core is able to define and change policies and parameters related to various connected devices in the underlying subsystems. 

Programmable Logic

VIEWSCAPE Core PSIM software suite extends to a programmable logic control (PLC) module to enable broad programmability of the system for users in complex security environments with multiple integrated systems. PLC allows us to create detailed cause and effect automation and response in even the most complex integrated solutions. 


Geospatial Visualisation3d map2

Our PSIM software contains functions for mapping and spatially visualising the actual situation independently from active events. This capability allows the PSIM software to present end users with a picture of the nature of the incident, the location and the scope of any threat. This module includes maps, schematics and 3D representations of buildings and plant.   

Response and Workflow Management

Our PSIM workflow and response management capability, VIEWSCAPE Core Command, presents users with step-by-step instructions on how to respond to an event. These are detailed, rule-based workflows and are presented within the software in order to maximise the user response to any incident information. 

Titan reporting thinAudit, Reporting and Analysis

VIEWSCAPE Core PSIM provides a comprehensive audit and reporting capability that enables detailed forensic review of an incident information and the response. It is easy to create customised reports that allow for analysis of multiple events in order to optimise policies and workflows.


Solutions built on VIEWSCAPE Core PSIM have the capability for immediate disaster recovery, business continuity and redundant operation. This includes backup systems (servers, databases, network) for automatic transfer of control room operation. Our PSIM software solutions include self-monitoring capability to protect the integrity of all the integrated systems while maintaining automatic vigilance against threats.

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  • Completeness of solutions comprising hardware, software and engineering services
  • Low cost of ownership as a result of true open standards
  • Excellent, intuitive user interfaces that make systems easy to use
  • Our experience delivers assurance that assets are secure and monitored
  • Open protocol software means easy migrations and upgrades
  • The very best hardware from trusted brands
  • Scalability
  • Compliance and governance

VIEWSCAPE Core logo 2022





VIEWSCAPE Core is provided directly to customers in a range of sectors:

  • Retail
  • Military and defence
  • Border security
  • Police, cell complexes, prisons
  • Transport, ports, airports
  • Energy, oil & gas, nuclear
  • Utilities, national grid
  • Urban centres
  • Museums and galleries
  • Universities and colleges
  • Hospitals



  • High quality imaging: 25 images/second/real time video
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Video analytics
  • Audit trail
  • Alarm cause and effect: when an alarm is tripped, all relevant cameras are displayed
  • Patrols and presets
  • Map interface and real time representation
  • Layered mapping
  • Ability to input any video stream, including from web servers, HDMI, TV and 3rd party VGA
  • IP multiplexing with sequencing
  • Simultaneous control of 8 cameras
  • Network video recording
  • Integration of other security systems including fire alarm, access control and PID

VIEWSCAPE Core is also delivered by our technology partners on an OEM basis, where it is used as a flexible system management platform to control a range of asset security


  • Drag and drop matrix for entire network
  • Web-based reporting
  • Tabbed control interface for easy access to different components and devices
  • Easy configuration, including configuration by the end user
  • True remote connection for multiple users


  • ONVIF compliant
  • iLid compliant
  • IP network optimisation for high quality image data
  • Bespoke integrations if required
  • Open platform enables use of the very best hardware and other technology

State of the Art

  • Hardware independent software
  • Cross-manufacturer device support