A unique concept in Physical Security Information Management and beyond...

Complete, Bespoke, Integrated IP CCTV and PSIM SolutionsVision cover

TITAN VISION integrates multiple disparate security systems including video surveillance, access control, perimeter intrusion detection, fire and safety, public address and building management.

TITAN VISION is an open system that connects with products from other vendors providing unparalleled customisation within many security and safety environments.

TITAN VISION is able to define and change policies and parameters related to various connected devices in the underlying subsystems.

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A multi-platform, modular Video Wall solution for unmatched flexibility and control

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A flexible and powerful software solution for all video walls; from small to large, single to multi-display projections. TITAN WALL provides the operator full control over all connected sources with effective collaboration and distribution for control rooms as well as command and control.

TITAN WALL offers a user-friendly, intuitive interface maximising the efficiency of a video wall solution.

The Video Wall Controller independently and effortlessly manages and displays images onto your video wall display surface. The population of the video wall display surface is intuitive for easy assignment of inputs, location or size of the video panes within the overall display surface.

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keeping you safe in a digital world

An all-inclusive approach to security on hardware & software
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In the real world, real business uses real time communication with large multipoint real time networks.

This in turn brings real threats. Cyber-attacks are no longer a Hollywood story line. Businesses rely completely on live communication over internet and IT systems, with all decisions being formed and transmitted electronically.

They are all at risk from cyber-attack - it happens daily, crippling business operation. These attacks are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and stealthy, targeting existing networks and devices including security systems.
*Patent Pending

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TITAN Oil and Gas Projects
Complete CCTV and PSIM Solutions for Offshore and Onshore Assets physical security

Oil gas coverTITAN integrated, hardware-independent IP CCTV and PSIM solutions for the protection of critical national infrastructure

Reducing Risk in Mission Critical Environments

Avoidance and mitigation of shutdowns, saving millions of pounds in cash-flow.
Increased safety of employees because of enhanced supervision of people and systems.
Better compliance with internal systems and protocols, and also with external regimes especially in the area of HSSE.
Enhanced control, governance and supervision, including audit tools and emergency response capability.

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TITAN VISION Oil and Gas Solutions

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TITAN Defence and Military Projects
Complete, integrated IP CCTV and PSIM solutions to protect critical infrastructure and strategic defence capability

Defence coverTITAN for bespoke integrated IP CCTV and PSIM solutions in national security infrastructure, our expertise and technology are unrivalled.

Our customers include UK police forces, vital naval and military bases, sensitive national security infrastructure, nuclear power stations, international border authorities and weapon development and storage facilities. We have more than fifteen years’ experience of working with military sites directly and with partners. Assets we have helped to protect include strategic nuclear deterrent, military intelligence listening stations, the national grid, nuclear power generation and reprocessing sites, airports and ports and also high security events such as the G8 Summit.

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TITAN VISION Defence & Military Projects

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