Enterprise Wide Security Management

Taking an holistic view of multi-site operations

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Managing Security, Safety and Assets across a multi-site enterprise is an issue that needs addressing. As the volume of information increases it is clear that the ability to take an holistic view, utilising an unified integrated command platform is required.

Global reachThe VIEWSCAPE Core open-architecture platform and in particular VIEWSCAPE Core enables the management of silo systems in disparate locations to be monitored and controlled in one unified central location and distributed as required. In this environment PSIM means a great deal more than Physical Security Information Management, it also offers the opportunity to monitor and respond to data from other systems such as BMS (Building Management Systems), HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning), Energy Management, Estate Monitoring and other Health and Safety applications.

Consider a large enterprise operating in several sites worldwide, each with it’s own Security, Safety and BMS systems. How can these be managed effectively without a centralised control environment where all appropriate information is monitored, recorded, analysed and responded to?

Control room VIEWSCAPE Core ensures that this essential business tool becomes a commercial asset, reducing costly delay in reacting to incidents and ensuring that any action taken is compliant with the company policies, protocols and the law. Utilising the latest in image and data analytics, VIEWSCAPE Core can present via its unified control panel user interface, real time information from across the operation, alerting the viewer to any event that requires attention. Presenting the required response protocol and recording any action taken for later analysis and review enabling the creation of accurate reports or an audit trail.

Whether you are faced with an intruder in Singapore, a fire in Los Angeles, an unattended bag in a foyer in London or a faulty air conditioning unit in a processing plant in Delhi, VIEWSCAPE Core will ensure that you are aware of the situation in real time and are able to respond quickly and effectively.