Mission Critical Environments

Reducing Risk in Mission Critical Environments

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Avoidance and mitigation of shutdowns, saving millions of pounds in cash-flow. Increased safety of employees due to enhanced supervision of people and systems.

VIEWSCAPE Core integrates CCTV, Access Control, Fire and Safety, Perimeter Intrusion Protection, GIS mapping and other information networks, such as Command and Control systems and Telephony and Radio Networks, to create bespoke resilient integrated security systems. All behind a unified management control panel.

     Better compliance with internal systems and protocols, and with external regimes especially in the area of HSSE
     Enhanced control, governance and supervision, including audit tools and emergency response capability
     Reduced long term cost of ownership of physical security hardware because of ease of
         upgrade, ease of legacy migration, ability to integrate rather than discard legacy technology
         on brownfield sites and absence of proprietary lock-in
     Excellent, intuitive user interfaces that make systems easy to use
     Assurance that assets are secure and monitored
     The very best hardware from trusted brands

 oil cropOur energy sector customers include a tier one operator in the UKCS (See brochure/case study).
Overseas our customers include Gas Pipeline operating companies who use VIEWSCAPE Core to protect over 1,000 km of natural gas pipeline in North Africa. VIEWSCAPE Core integrates with the customer’s existing Security Management System (SMS) and Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) to monitor fencing on either side of the pipeline. A fibre ring runs along the entire fence line. In the event of an attack, power failure or break in the fibre, VIEWSCAPE Core passes the alarm into the SMS and displays video of the location of the incident.

Integrated Security and Situation Management

Our customers also include UK police forces, vital naval and military bases, sensitive national security infrastructure, nuclear power stations and international border authorities.
One of the prerequisites in the UK Nuclear Industry is the ability to deal with critical situations. VIEWSCAPE Core is a key part of managing these incidents, with portable cameras quickly deployed at the relevant location and viewed, controlled and recorded over the Wide Area Network in a “safe area” control centre.dome small
VIEWSCAPE Core's bespoke Situation Management Software and database provides our partners with a secure, auditable method of monitoring the incidents with a step by step​​​​​​​ pro​​​​​​​cedural guide. All details are logged on a comprehensive database, with real time, broadcast quality video and audio recordings from each camera.​​​​​​​
The Emergency Arrangements Team can quickly prepare a permanent visual record of the incident. The record is used to analyse the event, learn whatever lessons there are to be learned, generally fine tune procedures and help with future training.

Our goal is to present a model to help you use PSIM Technology
in mission critical applications to reduce your own organisation’s risk.
We offer a practical method to plan improvements.