TITAN Product Overview

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TITAN: Ultimate Surveillance Solutions
The fully integrated command and control platform
For users of complex security and BMS environments with multiple integration needs

Titan PSIM Hexagon shadowTITAN is a sophisticated open-architecture platform upon which bespoke PSIM (Physical  Security Information Management) and integrated CCTV systems are created.

The TITAN platform provides:


Developed by Visual Management Systems Ltd. a UK based specialist provider of complete, bespoke PSIM and integrated CCTV systems. The TITAN platform has been deployed in many environments including: Retail, Military and Defence, Border Security, Police, Cell Complexes, Prisons, Transport, Ports, Airports, Energy, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Utilities, National Grid, Urban Centres, Museums and Galleries, Universities and Colleges and Hospitals over the past ten years.

Visual Management Systems Ltd. - The Company

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A unique concept in Physical Security Information Management and beyond...

The flagship solution: TITAN VISION integrates multiple disparate security systems including video surveillance, access control, perimeter intrusion detection, fire and safety, public address and building management. TITAN is an open system that connects with products from other vendors providing unparalleled customisation within many security and safety environments.

TITAN VISION offers the following capabilities:Titan vision 400

    Connectivity and Integration
    Configuration Management
    Programmable Logic
    Geospatial Visualisation
    Response and Workflow Management
    Audit, Reporting and Analysis

TITAN VISION is also delivered by our technology partners on an OEM basis, where it is used as a flexible system management platform to control a range of asset security

TITAN VISION - Tailored PSIM Solutions

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An all-inclusive approach to security on hardware & software

Keeping you safe in a digital world: TITAN SECURE offers a fully encrypted system that secures all digital communication between TITAN VISION devices and components, maintaining the integrity of your security surveillance systems from the control device to the recorded data and all system communication pathways.

TITAN SECURE protects your system beyond your physical barriersSecure lock small

    Multi-layer protection of your digital assets
    Encrypted communication between all TITAN VISION devices
    Secure and timed communication with all connected devices
    Transparent Data Encryption
    SSL Certification throughout
    Protection from end nodes to recorded images
    Encrypted hard drives for secure image protection
    FIPS 140-2
    A coherent security approach

TITAN SECURE has been developed to meet the very stringent requirements set out by UK Government National Security Committee, CPNI as well as US government, NIST security standard, FIPS 140-2.
*Patent Pending

TITAN SECURE Cyber Security Solution

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The Ultimate Physical and Cyber Secure Solution for your sensitive or mission critical environment​​s

Titan Cid

Titan CID is a security endpoint for the management and security of your surveillance systems. Connecting your system’s cameras to the Titan CID automatica​lly protects these devices with the strictest of cyber security rules.

Working in conjunction with Titan Securehub, Titan CID stops your IP CCTV cameras from becoming a gateway to your corporate network, protecting and maintaining the integrity of your corporate network from malicious or targeted attacks.

In addition to having the strictest of cyber security rules and features as standard, Titan CID is a powerful surveillance solution including:​​​

        ►     Integrated CCTV recording and video storage
        ►     Full encryption and mirrored recording of connected cameras
        ►     No continuous updates, patches or anti-malware required
        ►     Industry standard connection for 3rd party systems
        ►     Any cameras with ONVIF S protocol
        ►     Control of PTZ camera via ONVIF S protocol
        ►     Playback to any ONVIF G manager
        ►     SIA protocol for IDS systems
        ►     SNMP V3 for network monitoring

Fully encrypted end to end.

TITAN CID (Critical Infrastructure Device)

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TITAN SIGMA™ Total Situational Awareness
Developed for Mission Critical and Enterprise Grade Environments
Complete Detection, Verification, Command and Control Solution

Refinary image 320x320The TITAN SIGMA -The intelligent security management system providing an unique Detection, Verification and Command and Control solution.

The TITAN SIGMA solution becomes greater than the sum of its individual parts. TITAN SIGMA’s distributed architecture preventing any single point of failure with the advantage of optional redundancy, for total peace of mind


    Critical Infrastructure
    Military and Defence
    Smart City
    Border Control
    Cell complexes
    Oil and Gas
    Power generation
    Ports and Airports
    Law enforcement

With excellent scalability and a modular open platform solution, TITAN SIGMA provides exceptional functionality in an enterprise class solution.

TITAN SIGMA Total Situational Awareness

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TITAN REMOTE™ Mobile Video Solution
Delivering real time live and recorded video from remote or mobile locations

Remote pic 400x400Titan Remote makes it possible to transmit high quality real time video efficiently over unmanaged networks, allowing visual coverage from many more locations than fixed CCTV solutions.
Using existing GPRS, 3G or 4G mobile networks, Titan Remote is inherently more flexible and cost effective when compared to alternative options.
Transmission of live or recorded video from the remote or mobile location includes audio and alarm information plus GPS co-ordinates making, it ideal for the tracking and monitoring of mobile assets, lone workers or engineering and emergency response personnel.
    Critical Infrastructure
    Defence and Military
    Police & Law Enforcement
    Lone Worker Management
    Personal Safety Services
    Remote Field Operations
    Estate Management
    Engineering Support

Part of the Titan Vision’s integrated platform or as a stand-alone solution, Titan Remote allows real time video capture and delivery between both individuals and the Control Room.

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TITAN VIEW™ Video Management Solution
Tailored for Small and Medium Systems
Full function, Licence Free, IP Video Management and Storage Suite

External cameraTITAN VIEW is an open platform, licence free integrated security management system, built on the experience and expertise gained over 20 years of development of our flag ship TITAN VISION portfolio.

Ideal for multi-site business environments:

    Petrol filling stations
    National retail stores
    Bars and restaurant chains
    Pub and clubs
    Local government

TITAN VIEW has gained from all of this experience to be the perfect partner for the smaller or multi- site application.

Supporting ONVIF protocol for seamless connection to many of the world’s major manufacturers.

TITAN VIEW - IP Video Management Suite

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A multi-platform, modular Video Wall solution for unmatched flexibility and control

TITAN WALL is a flexible and powerful software solution for all video walls; from small to large, single to multi-display projections. TITAN WALL provides the operator full control over all connected sources with effective collaboration and distribution for control rooms as well as command and control.

    Central setup & Management for up to 256 monitor panesTitan wall 400
    Ability to drag and drop images directly from the device tree to the video wall
    Unlimited number of images from TITAN VISION
    Up to 52 external inputs from analogue or digital devices
    Pre-programmed defined layout
    Pre-programmed event or alarm views
    HD or SD images
    Automatic rotation of layouts

The Video Wall Process Controller transforms all the various inputs into one common format, so when displayed the images are presented in such a way that your eye sees the display as one cohesive image, not a mismatch of various images.

TITAN WALL Video Display Wall