Return on Investment with PSIM

Making the case for PSIM


What is PSIM Software?
Why consider it over a basic CCTV management system?

The market for PSIM software and solutions is relatively new and grew out of the need for public and private organisations to become more resilient in the face of the threats of the past decade. Significant factors were the homeland security response in the US after 9/11, the failure of a fast, joined up response to Hurricane Katrina and industrial accidents such as those experienced in the oil and gas sector such as Texas City. The raised security threats mean that it is essential to integrate and automate security systems as far as possible.

City cameraA second factor is that technological advances have made it possible to capture, process, analyse and store the large amounts of data that are generated by security systems, including data from sensors and video cameras. Moore’s Law and new capabilities in hardware such as video analytics, intelligent fences, smart phones and tablets and more powerful, flexible data networks, make it possible to use integrating software applications to provide intelligent, vigilant, surveillance of assets.
A PSIM solution integrates, automates and governs systems such as CCTV, PID, fire alarms and other HSE systems, as well as systems such as HVAC and industrial process control.

Do the Maths

When it comes to doing your sums, there are three figures to consider in relation to PSIM:

►    Purchase costs, including all hardware, software and engineering services
►    Cost of ownership over several years, say three to five years
►    Your return on investment (ROI)

Purchase costs will depend primarily on:

►    The complexity of your requirements
►    How much bespoke development and integration is required
►    How much functionality is available “out of the box”
►    How much ongoing support is available and how much you will need to do yourself
►    How the licence fee is structured - for example, whether it is a one-off price or an annual subscription
►    Maintenance and hosting charges if they apply
►    Service and support costs

To learn more take a look at the Case for PSIM White Paper

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