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VIEWSCAPE Core SUPPORT Complete Customer Care!
Great Technology, Great Teamwork, Great Support.

TITAN SUPPORT Customer CareOur values: Teamwork, Experience, Customer Care, Professionalism and the Highest Quality

The Veracity Solutions SUPPORT Team rallies around behind you, our partner. We care about the relationship. We want you to succeed in your operational and strategic goals.

  • Our experience helps you to solve your customers’ business and security challenges.
  • Our friendly professionalism makes us a pleasure to work with
  • Our commitment to engineering excellence makes us a reliable partner and a "safe pair of hands."


Our complete solutions include the following engineering support services:

  • System strategy and design
  • System integration, migration and upgrade
  • System commissioning
  • System maintenance

Our engineering team has specialised in physical security data management since 1996 and has gained unique experience in various challenging sectors. Our senior engineers have all had successful careers in electrical engineering and security. Over the past decade, we have worked on many extensive Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) projects. For security reasons and customer confidentiality, we do not publicise the specifics of such projects, but please do not hesitate to contact us for a meeting to learn more about how we work.

Every PSIM system is a bespoke solution based on the VIEWSCAPE Core application platform. We provide all engineering services from consultancy and design to commissioning, during which we work with and support the customer and any installers involved in a project.