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Northumbria Police Command and Control

NorhumberlandNorthumbria Police has used a fully integrated, common IP platform for over 10 years for the management and control of all of its CCTV systems. TITAN VISION control and recording technology has been used on all CCTV installations throughout the region including public space, cell complex and central command and control systems.

TITAN VISION is the preferred open standard IP management system deployed throughout the Force. Integrating over 30 independent systems ranging from a fully integrated cell management system with 200+ cameras, to a small “open space” wireless city centre installation. TITAN VISION has been reliable, usable and very effective.

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TITAN VISION Northumbria Police


Shannon Airport Real-time Surveillance

Airport crop1The decision in selecting Visual Management Systems Limited TITAN VISION was made following a detailed evaluation based on value for money, system functionality, existing customer feedback, ease of administration and the modular design of the solution proposed.

The system consisting of approximately 200 cameras runs on our internal converged LAN with little or no impact and is easy to administer. Operations and Security staff can easily access and view any camera on the airport campus whilst at the same time the system is recording in real time at a high resolution. When required recordings can be burned to disk for archiving.

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TITAN VISION Shannon Airport


Integrated IP CCTV Platform for Museums and Galleries

Titan Vision Museums & GalleriesThese are challenging times for local government, museum authorities and security managers. Designed with the needs of museums authorities and security managers in mind, TITAN VISION is a state of the art IP CCTV video management software application.

“TITAN VISION has been an important partner to Glasgow Museums & Galleries for over eight years. They have kept our security systems up to date with the latest technology: including the original move from analogue to digital, hard disk recording, high quality IP CCTV, video analytics, peoplecounting and now the latest wireless cameras and recorders.”
Tom Gallacher, Security Manager, Glasgow Museums & Galleries

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TITAN VISION Museums & Galleries


Tier One Oil and Gas Operation - Remote Monitoring & Response

Titan oil cropOur customer is a tier one oil and gas company who needed to monitor an unmanned offshore operation in order to reduce the number and duration of emergency shutdowns and to increase the extent of control and supervision of both manned and unmanned assets.

They needed a web-based system for remote management of an unmanned platform that operates as a hub for an entire field, receiving oil from all other platforms and sending it to the coast.

All the equipment telemetry had to be transmitted via the customer’s intranet. The platform is monitored and controlled (i.e. gas, fire, pressure etc.) from an operations room over 160km to the south.

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TITAN VISION Oil and Gas Solution