White Paper - Have you left the back door Open?

On 01/08/2019

Adam white paper cover 

The Issue of Unsecured Security Systems SOLVED! An all-inclusive approach to security for Hardware & Software
Extracted from a seminar presented by Adam Moorhouse Engineering Director Visual Management Systems Ltd. at “The Security Event” NEC Birmingham 2019.

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Hacker sqrIn this white paper Adam will discuss why we all need cyber security and what type of solutions can be used to make a site secure. Unsecure systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks by hackers. Attacks resulting in systems being taken offline, reconfigured and, in some cases, information being lost or stolen.

As Engineering Director for Visual Management Systems Ltd., a company that manufactures,supplies and installs high security management systems, part of Adam’s remit is to ensure that all the systems supplied by the company are installed to the highest level of cyber security.

Topics covered:
  • The Problem – Not a Hollywood Myth
  • Cyber Security is about Risk Management
  • Major drivers and other issues
  • What you should be looking for!
  • The MINIMUM requirements for a strong cyber protected system
  • The Cure - A multi-layered wrap-around solution
  • Solutions designed with cyber security in mind!
  • The benefit of secure security systems - Peace of Mind!
  • The TITAN multi-layer cyber solution - TITAN SECURE

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