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TITAN VISION PSIM Solutions Total situational awareness
A unique concept in Physical Security Information Management and beyond...

Titan Vision Control roomVisual Management Systems Limited is a specialist provider of complete, bespoke PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) and integrated CCTV systems. Our flagship solution is built around the TITAN VISION software application and assures the following capabilities:

Connectivity and Integration

TITAN VISION Physical Security Information Management software integrates multiple disparate security systems including video surveillance, access control, perimeter intrusion detection, fire and safety, public address and building management. TITAN VISION is an open system that connects with products from other vendors.

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TITAN SECURE - The Issue of Unsecured Security Systems SOLVED!

An all-inclusive approach to security on hardware & software
Following the recnt attacks on the NHS and other major international corporations and the broadcast of Jeremy Vine's feature on BBC Radio 2, introducing the idea that Chinese Camera manufacturers may have a back door into UK Security Systems, the topic has focussed the mind on the need to secure your security network. 
TITAN SECURE offers a fully encrypted system that secures all digital communication between TITAN VISION devices and components, maintaining the integrity of your security surveillance systems from the control device to the recorded data and all system communication pathways.

TITAN WALL Video Display Solutions

The next generation in video wall display technologyTitan wall 2
A multi-platform, modular Video Wall solution for unmatched flexibility and control

A flexible and powerful software solution for all video walls; from small to large, single to multi-display projections. TITAN WALL provides the operator full control over all connected sources with effective collaboration and distribution for control rooms as well as command and control.

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Making the case for PSIM


What is PSIM Software?
Why consider it over a basic CCTV management system?

The market for PSIM software and solutions is relatively new and grew out of the need for public and private organisations to become more resilient in the face of the threats of the past decade. Significant factors were the homeland security response in the US after 9/11, the failure of a fast, joined up response to Hurricane Katrina, and industrial accidents such as those experienced in the oil and gas sector such as Texas City. The raised security threats mean that it is essential to integrate and automate security systems as far as possible.

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Latest News from TITAN VISION

Is your IP Video Management System Really Licence Free?

Or are you being tied in without realising it?


FREE does not always mean FREE! The offer of a free Video Management software package often has a hidden agenda! Inviting you in, only to require on-going licences or the purchase of expensive vendor specific devices, when you wish to expand the system or gain additional functionality, such as adding cameras or video streams

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Special Ports and Airports Feature

Shannon airport 

In this Ports and Airports special feature we demonstrate our committment to the safety and security of passengers and staff at major transportation hubs across the globe.

In the brief article we look at the challenge of upgrading the Shannon Airport Security and Surveillance system, look at how video wall technology can provide additional income and announce the recent membership of ACoE.

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Is your CCTV system protected against Cyber Attack?


The Cyber Attack that is spreading across the world may affect your security network. The Cyber Attack freezes computers on your network until you pay a $300 ransom to an anonymous BitCoin account.

Is there a possibility that one of your systems has put your clients’ network at risk and if so what will be the consequences?

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Is playing the 'Blame Game' costing you time and money?

TITAN VISION is the Answer!

Call +44 141 643 3070

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 TITAN SECURE in the News
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