Opening up to PSIM for security and building integration

On 13/06/2016

Sme web finalOpening up to PSIM for security and building systems integration

Tim Compston, Features Editor at SecurityNewsDesk, sits down with Jay Shields, Managing Director, of Glasgow-headquartered Visual Management Systems Ltd to find out his thoughts on all things PSIM.

Jay shieldsAccording to Jay Shields, who has decades of experience in the security and IT industries, the concept of PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) for an integrated system solution has really only developed into what we know today over the past five years or so. He considers that the key factor that has unlocked things for the better is the widespread adoption of IP: “Since systems went more to IP – and everything has an IP platform – it became apparent that you could communicate across that platform.” He contrasts the ability to bring different elements together now with how things worked in the past: “I remember when it was all done electrically. Basically a lock in a door would be integrated through the system electrically. Integration was all by wires whereas now it is by software with TCP/IP being the common platform,” says Jay.