Making the Case for PSIM - White Paper Special

On 14/05/2018


What is PSIM Software?
Why consider it over a basic CCTV or VMS - Video Management System?

The essential components of a PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) system and the key considerations are discussed in this TITAN VISION White Paper

Topics discussed in the White Paper include:

What is PSIM Software?
Why consider it over a basic CCTV management system?
Technological advances have made it possible to capture, process, analyse and store the large amounts of data that are generated by security systems, including data from sensors and video cameras.

Moore's Law and new capabilities in hardware such as video analytics, intelligent fences, smart phones and tablets and more powerful, flexible data networks make it possible to use integrating software applications to provide intelligent, vigilant, surveillance of assets.

The essential components and considerations are discussed in the TITAN VISION White Paper -  Download your FREE copy NOW!  
What is a PSIM solution? 
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PSIM Components
  • Connectivity and Integration
  • Configuration Management
  • Programmable Logic
  • Geospatial Visualisation
  • Response & Workflow Management
  • Audit, Reporting & Analysis
  • Resilience
PSIM Benefits
  • Total Situational Awareness
  • Saving through Integration
  • Enhanced Supervision
  • Increase Real Time Threat Perception
  • Improved Compliance
  • Enhanced Control & Governance
What to Consider  
  • Return on Investment Considerations 
  • Selecting a Suitable Partner
  • Taking the Next Step


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