The importance of well designed Control Rooms... and how TITAN WALL Video Wall Systems will help!

On 06/10/2017

Whether you are responsible for Security and Safety on a petrochemical site, nuclear power station, fire or police station or a port or airport, the control room lies at the heart of the operation
The control room operator performs a particularly demanding role monitoring increasingly complex automated systems, where the consequence of error is potentially devastating. Control room ergonomics are therefore optimised to minimise the risk of human error

The TITAN WALL Video Wall Processor and Management Suite

The TITAN WALL Video Wall Processor and Management Suite represents a vital part of a well designed Control Room - flexible, easy-to-use and available in standalone or integral configurations.   
The design of the control room must be seamlessly integrated from the outset. Whether part of a new building or the upgrade of an existing structure, the major factors that are taken into consideration Include the following:
  • The control room and its operators are considered as a whole system
  • The suitability of the structure of the control room to withstand possible major hazardous events
  • The arrangement of the numerous functions and activities within the control room
  • The arrangement of display screens and equipment as required by a functional analysis and ergonomics standard
This is where TITAN WALL will prove invaluable.


A flexible and powerful solution for all video walls: from small to large, single to multi-display projections. TITAN WALL provides the operator full control over all connected sources with effective collaboration and distribution.TITAN WALL offers a user-friendly, intuitive interface maximising the efficiency of a video wall solution. The Video Wall Controller independently and effortlessly manages and displays images onto your video wall display surface.

The population of the video wall display surface is intuitive for easy assignment of inputs, location or size of the video panes within the overall
display surface. The operator has full control over the layout of images, the creation of defined views and all inputs, no matter what the source. The inputs are presented to the operator in an easy-to-use and seamless manner.
Learn more about TITAN WALL our Multi-platform, modular Video Wall solution for unmatched flexibility & control
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