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Intersec Success for TITAN VISION

On 02/02/2017

TITAN VISION and the team from Visual Management Systems Limited declare Intersec 2017 Dubai a huge success as they launch TITAN SIGMA Detection, Vertification and Command and Control Solution, the latest release of TITAN VISION PSIM and the all new TITAN VIEW.

On the Booth: Kartik Rathore, Jay Shields, Anand Subbiah, John Downie

TITAN VISION utilises Matrox Cards to Power Modular Video Wall Solution

On 21/11/2016

C-Series and Mura IPX Graphics Cards to Be Demonstrated with TITAN WALL at UK Security Expo 2016

Montreal, CA & London, UK — November 22, 2016 —Matrox Graphics, a global leader in the design and manufacture of video wall and multi-display graphics cards, announced the integration of its Mura IPX and C-Series products into Visual Management Systems’ new TITAN WALL video wall system.

The TITAN WALL video display wall is an integrated multi-platform, modular video wall solution comprised of a robust video wall processor controller, video wall management suite, and display surface. Offering unmatched display flexibility and control in security monitoring, command and control, and public information scenarios, TITAN WALL provides a user-friendly, intuitive interface maximising the efficiency of a video wall solution, independently and effortlessly managing and displaying images onto your video wall display surface.