TITAN VISION Presented at Portsmouth event

On 07/09/2016

Adam Moorhouse Regional Sales Manager presented the concept of TITAM VISION PSIM solution to an eager audience at the recent IP-in-Action LIVE event at the Holiday Inn Portsmouth, part of a series of educational and promotional road show events across the UK.   Adam moorhouse ports
Adam Moorhouse presenting Situational Awareness & the value of integration

Seminar: Striving for Total Situational Awareness

Adam Moorhouse Regional Sales Manager at Visual Management Systems Ltd., developers of TITAN VISION PSIM and 'Command and Control' Solutions.

Topics covered:

  • PSIM v VMS solutions
  • The Value of Deep Integration
  • Non Security related Applications
  • Essential technologies for total Situational Awareness
  • Common gaps in Situational Awareness
  • How to introduce the concept to a client

Adam also demonstrated TITAN VISION, the next generation of security management technology illustrating how offering PSIM solutions to an existing client can provide customer loyalty and future profitability.

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